VIAM Manufacturing invests in Aguascalientes

01 April 13
VIAM Mexico

VIAM Manufacturing de México will manufacture floor mats for vehicles of its main clients, such as Nissan, Toyota, Mazda, Honda, Chrysler, and Volkswagen.

The VIAM Manufacturing company in Mexico chose Aguascalientes as its plant headquarters. The company, located in the El Llano Industrial Park, will manufacture automotive floor mats and will be part of the suppliers that will supply auto parts to the new Nissan industrial complex. The facility will generate 300 jobs in three phases.

Yoshida Toshio, President of Japan Vilene Company LTD, said that the operation of this company will have absolute respect for the community of El Llano, for the people of Aguascalientes, and of course for their customers. “We are a company that is not still, that will grow the business and its people,” Toshio said. The arrival of this new company shows that Aguascalientes has fully entered into the integration of one of the largest and most specialized automotive supply chains that project it as the most important automotive production and supply center in Latin America during the next three decades.

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